Madrim successfully completes the bike tour, cycling 3000km from Copenhagen to Barcelona. In Barcelona, we interviewed at several Fab Labs, exploring the topic of sustainability in particular.

[img src=]630
MadRim approaches the border in the Pyrenees foothills along the Mediterranean Sea.
[img src=]540DCIM100GOPRO
We cut through this tunnel to avoid cycling up a massive mountain.
[img src=]510
Mad with our Warmshowers host, Xavier, in Salt, near Girona.
[img src=]540
MadRim strikes a pose on our last day of cycling.
[img src=]780
Chain grease, tan lines, and cheap sangria. #Madulthood
[img src=]650
Mir's Buddha bike.
[img src=]550
Mir's panniers, which carried all her things from Copenhagen to Barcelona.
[img src=]660
MadRim Productions.
[img src=]580
Mir with Toño, our host in Barcelona.
[img src=]590
MadRim violates a statue.
[img src=]610
MadRim is generally better at cycling than climbing.
[img src=]600
At the Green FabLab in Valldaura.
[img src=]560
Tomas Diez of FabLab BCN, discusses the goals of the Green FabLab.
[img src=]480
Our friend, Quatsch Man, wakes up at the Green FabLab after our slumber party.
[img src=]430
At the Beach Lab in Sitges.
[img src=]460
Can you spot Leo Lawrence Llama?
[img src=]510
Toño and his roommate Johan in Las Ramblas.
[img src=]460
Mir is super cool on a hot day at the FabLab House 2.0.
[img src=]490
Megan Myles, a friend of Toño's, buys Mir's bike.
[img src=]450
Off rides Megan. Bye bye Buddha bike!