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Introducing MadRim Productions! We are Madison and Miriam, new filmmakers, two seriously funny, bad-ass Millennials from the mountains of Colorado. Self-Made is the story of sustainable industry, a documentary about the vibrant world of Fabrication Labs, where artists and engineers are collaborating to reinvent the way we make things. The planet is changing, and MadRim Productions will be there to define this new century we’re exploring.

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Fab Lab Baltimore.

Fab Lab Baltimore.

My last post introduced the MakerSpace, local workshops all over the world where community members are welcome to teach and learn from one another. 3D printing is heralding a revolution in the realm of sustainable manufacturing and production, and MakerSpaces stand in the vanguard of the movement. These inventive workshops emphasize the importance of STEM education and active learning, hands-on application, rather than lecture-based, passive memorization and regurgitation.

Within the overarching MakerSpace umbrella lies another type of community workshop, called a Fabrication Lab. In short, these “Fab Labs” are more structured environments, sponsored and supported by the Fab Foundation. MakerSpaces are less formal, sometimes more focused on a specific type of industry, whereas to be considered a Fab Lab, the space has to fulfill certain requirements set forth by the Fab Foundation, such as a stock list of equipment and a source of financial backing, from grants or membership dues, for example, to ensure the continued existence of the Lab.

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Doc with one of the MakerSpace's 3D printers.

Doc with one of the MakerSpace’s 3D printers.

Lessons from Bruce “Doc” Davies of the MakerSpace in Chesterfield County Public Library, VA.

10 September: Miriam is heading to Chesterfield County’s Public Library to speak with their Maker Space Director, Bruce “Doc” Davies.

Doc is a retired neuroscientist, now extending his career to include the role of STEM educator. A fascinating leader of innovation, Doc may be able to predict the future, and we want to know: which city will be the first self-sufficient city in The United States?

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