Technology Heroes

Walking into DenHac is like stepping into a science fiction novel, a realm where hours (and beers) disappear. Sometimes you walk in with broken equipment and out with fixed. Sometimes it’s the other way around. It’s alternately very loud with activity and very silent with concentration. Surfaces littered with machinery and equipment, computers and gadgets, a sewing machine, tubes of all diameters, and random kitchen utensils, stickers, and styrofoam skulls (turns out they weren’t just for Halloween). Laptops and wires tangle on the main work table, far more computers than people. The hacker space operates according to an unspoken formula of organized chaos, indelicate and constantly fluctuating. It’s member driven, and that can mean anything at any time. There’s a lot of spontaneous experimentation for experimentation’s sake. I think they recently destroyed a microwave.

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