Some Places to Ride your Bike

MadRim recently published an article in MAKE Magazin, our first appearance in German in print! Click here to purchase the magazine; the volume featuring our article is 1/2016. They published three lists, written by Miriam and photographed by Madison: Zehn kreative Fab Labs in Europa (10 Fab Labs You Must Visit if You’re in Europe); Acht coole Projekte (The 8 Coolest Projects We Saw While Biking Across Europe); and Sechs Labs für dein (inneres) Kind (Six Labs for your [inner] Child). Since we wrote a couple more lists that never made it into print in German or online in English, we’ve decided to include them here. Read on to learn about Some Places to Ride Your Bike in Europe.

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The Tour

We will embark on a sustainability tour, traveling by bicycle from Copenhagen to Barcelona. Along the way, we’ll visit local artists, inventors, other bike folk, and people tackling the world’s problems. We will film a documentary about the maker movement: Self-Made, the story of sustainable industry. Click here for the Fab Foundation’s list of Fab Labs located all over the world.

Level 1: August & September, pre-planning. Madison developed her tech acumen in Boulder, Colorado, and Miriam conducted the first MakerSpace and Fab Lab interviews on the east coast.

This is some Level1 material.

This is some Level 1 material.

Level 2: October, November, December, real planning. Both located in Colorado, Madison and Miriam collect footage and hone their mission. They become slaves to social media channels. They make contact with experts and people integral to the maker movement. Stay tuned for their December KickStarter campaign.

One crisis at a time.

One crisis at a time.

Level 3: January, relocation. MadRim Productions will move to Berlin to continue researching the maker movement. February, March, April, MadRim adventures around the European continent.

Level 4: May, June, July, the tour. MadRim will hit the road as soon as the weather improves, biking from Copenhagen to Barcelona to film the documentary Self-Made.

Level 5: August, Fab11. MadRim Productions will return to the United States in time to cover the Fab11 Conference in Boston. Madison and Matt will begin post-production.

If you have suggestions for places we should eat, drink, play, explore, or make, please contact us. If we’re in town, let’s connect. You are invited to contribute to Madulthood. We like ideas.

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