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Welcome to our global documentary project Self-Made. This is the story of creative communities, how the European Fab Lab movement is galvanizing local communities, inspiring people to learn twenty-first century skills, and sparking international collaboration.

The maker movement encompasses artists, engineers, upcyclers, designers, inventors, architects, urbanists, and many more. Community workshop spaces with tools and open source knowledge sharing enable ordinary people to work on extraordinary projects. A Fabrication Lab is one such workshop space and can transform a community into a creative organism by empowering individuals. The maker movement emphasizes collaboration beyond discipline to find sustainable solutions to the world’s critical problems. Makers explore the frontiers of dynamic new technologies. Instruction for children and adults alike in machining and STEM encourages lifelong learning.

Creative collaboration knows no borders and transcends personal background; this is truly a global movement. Everyone has something to share and something to learn. Sustainability, education, and technology–that’s what the maker movement is all about!

In April 2015, MadRim Productions hit the road to bike from Copenhagen to Barcelona. We stopped at dozens of Fab Labs and maker events that will appear in the documentary Self-Made. Our journey took three months, covered three thousand kilometers through six countries, and introduced us to the people and projects pushing the limits of possibility.

If you’re interested in collaborating, contact us. Stay up to date on where we are and who we’re with by checking out our blog and media gallery. This is a work in positive progress. We’re here to educate and entertain.

5 thoughts on “Self-Made

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  4. Hello!
    I am curious about your project!

    I start the FabAcademy in the FabLab Barcelona 2013
    Now following a master program about computational design and digital fabrication using robots at the Stuttgart University ITECH,
    I will be in Barcelona from the 20 of sept and then in Copenhagen for the Desin Modelin Symposium .
    Hope if I could meet you, I would like to meet interesting people …
    I would like to know more about what you are doing and get in touch with this network of digital fabrication!

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