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The Miriam-Worthy Dictionary is a guide for language in the 21st century. As we explore the maker movement, we encounter new technologies and ideologies. Here on this page you can find quick definitions for technical terms, maker-specific diction and phrases, vocabulary that fits in the context of our bohemian lifestyle, and all the playful words we have invented. If you have a word you’d like to see included, contact us. Find us on Urban Dictionary.


Arduino An open-source computer hardware and software company that designs and manufactures affordable kits for building and learning about digital devices and interactive objects. Though the tech company is based in Italy, the user community is international. Tara built a night light using just an LED, powered by a small Arduino computer.

Bitcoin An online payment system that enables users to transact directly with one another without the need for an intermediary. It is the largest decentralized digital currency currently in circulation. Bitcoin is accepted by a wide array of merchants, and as an open-source software, all information concerning the money supply is readily available for anyone to access; this transparency makes the cryptocurrency a secure method of transaction for both consumer and supplier.

Couchsurfing A hospitality and cultural exchange social networking site. Jon needed a place to stay in Istanbul, so he logged onto Couchsurfing and found a local host who shared his enthusiasm for music.

Digital fabrication A type of manufacturing process where the machine used is controlled by a computer. CNC machining, 3D printing, and laser cutting are the most common forms of digital fabrication.

Digital native A person born or brought up during the age of digital technology and therefore familiar with computers and the Internet from an early age. The Millennial generation are the first generation of digital natives.

DIY Do it Yourself. The DIY movement has experienced a boom in popularity in recent years, in part due to the increased availability of tools for digital fabrication.

Fabrication Lab (Fab Lab) A community workshop space where creative minds can collaborate across discipline using shared tools, machinery, and open-source knowledge, where a person can use digital fabrication just about anything. Instead of paying out the ass at his auto body shop to fix his busted car door, Mike visited his local Fab Lab and walked out with the new part for a fraction of the cost. He also learned a little about computer code and 3D printing while he was at it.

Funemployment When you love what you’re doing but you aren’t getting paid in any traditional sense. Jane quit her job at the diner to pursue her dream of being a painter, and she loves her new funemployed lifestyle! 

Hackerspace A giant geek clubhouse with all the tools to build all the things, usually with an emphasis on technology and digital fabrication. MadRim Productions checked out DenHac, a hackerspace in Denver, Colorado, where they witnessed members microwave circuits for fun.

Internet of Things The network of physical objects that have been embedded with electronics, software, and sensors enabling connectivity between objects. The things can exchange data with the other devices without the necessity of human-to-machine interaction. Casa Jasmina is a unique co-living space in Torino that is experimenting with the Internet of Things by planting sensors in the furniture and appliances, which will allow the objects to communicate.

Madultery When Madulthood screws you over and you wish you were a kid again. First my computer broke, then I got hit by a car, and then my mom called to say Rover had died. That’s some serious madultery, man, let’s get drunk.

Maker movement An international community of artists, engineers, inventors, and designers who are reimagining modern manufacturing. The maker movement agenda of sustainable industry is extremely important in the twenty-first century, an age of rampant population growth and diminishing resources.

Makerspace Similar to a hackerspace, but with a broader focus on manufacturing in all its modes, not just digital. MadRim Productions visited Creatorspace, a makerspace in Loveland, Colorado, which is home to tools and machinery for construction, soldering, sewing, and so much more.

Open source A development model that promotes universal access via free license to a product’s design and universal redistribution of that design, including subsequent improvements made to it by anyone. Because of the open-source agenda, companies are forced to design better products, lest Joe living in his mom’s basement does it first.

PCB A Printed Circuit Board mechanically supports and electrically connects electronic components using conductive parts chemically etched from copper sheets and laminated onto a non-conductive surface. Many makerspaces feature chem labs, where makers and hackers are creating their own PCBs to run their electronic inventions.

Raspberry Pi A series of small single-board computers developed with the intention of promoting computer science in schools. Though developed in the UK, the technology is used all over the world, and not just in schools. A medical physicist named Gabe used Raspberry Pi technology to invent a sensor to work in conjunction with his radiotherapy machine to deliver more accurate treatment for cancer patients.

STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, Math. Fab Labs and the maker movement are promoting an exciting new practical-application approach to STEM education.

STEW Sustainability, Technology, Education, Women. The focus of the documentary Self-Made, the story of sustainable industry, will be on STEW and the role each element plays in the European maker movement.

Workaway An organization that enables volunteers to exchange labor for room and board. While on Workaway in New Zealand, Kim lived with a family and learned all about composting sheep manure.

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  1. Did anyone ever come up with a good idea for protecting intellectual property when doing 3D printing?
    If I ever would hand my 3D data to someone to print it for me he can copy it.
    And my IP is gone… all the countless hours that I put into designing the complex part.

    I met you during your travels in Nuremberg / Germany .. at a party…


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