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  1. Hi Madison, hi Miriam, I follow your postings already for a couple of weeks and I like your challenge very much. Today I read that you leaved The Netherlands, but I missed where you go next. If you eventually come to Germany, I want to repeat my offer for a stay with my family in Oberhausen (near Düsseldorf). Do you plan to visit the Maker Faire in Hannover next weekend? It’s THE event of the year for makers in Germany. If you are around my home I would be happy to offer you a free ride to Hannover and back.
    Best wishes and take care,

    Mathias Wunderlich, Oberhausen (North Rhine-Westphalia) Tel. +49-177-4449242

    • Hi Matthias! Very glad to learn you’re following our adventure! I heard the Hannover Maker Faire was a success. Unfortunately, our route doesn’t take us back through Germany, as we’re crossing into France in a few days. Thanks a bunch for the offer, however, and I hope you will continue to follow. Liebe Gruesse aus Bruessel 🙂

  2. Madison:

    I just got off the phone with your dad. I’m an old friend of his, also, Matt Carver’sdad. Although, you and I have never met, I feel I know you a little from all your dad’s bragging… I asked how you were doing and asked him who you did the films for because I couldn’t remember. He told me and ironically, I just bought one of my other sons a subscription to Make magazine. I really love what Make is doing. I’ve been involved in creative pursuits my whole life. I told him I was looking at one of Make’s CNC routers. Keep up the great work and I’m sure your dad will keep me informed.

    Take care and remember, you only go around once to keep up the creative work and you wonderful adventures. I’ll be checking your web site as well.


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