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Madison Worthy and Miriam Engle biked from Copenhagen to Barcelona during the summer of 2015, collecting interview and activity footage for the film Self-Made, all about the European Fab Lab phenomenon. We reached Barcelona on July 13th, and spent the next ten days sweating all over the region interviewing architects, urbanists, and educators at Fab Labs and makerspaces.

There followed then a mad dash north to catch our flights in Copenhagen a week later, during which interval we attended the massive music festival Tomorrowland in Belgium. We spent three days grooving to bouncy, savory EDM tunes, and just barely scrambled out of Europe before our visas expired–again.

Is this real life?

Is this real life?

We attended Fab11 in early August, the annual Fab Lab conference, held in a different city every year. In 2015 Boston hosted, and we presented Tour de Fab at MIT. We both made connections at the conference that are propelling current projects.

At Fab11.

A summer storm at Fab11.

After Tour de Fab, Madison returned to Europe and enrolled in Kaospilot, a three-year long enterprising leadership program in Aarhus, Denmark. She continues to explore future opportunities with Fab Labs, both locally and abroad. In the spirit of chaos, she is simultaneously editing our film Self-Made, with the aim of premiering the finished story this summer.

At FabLab Aarhus.

At FabLab Aarhus.

At Fab11, Miriam met Beno Juarez, founder of the Floating Fab Lab, a project to bring digital fabrication to remote areas of the Amazon. She’ll spend the winter working as a children’s ski instructor in Colorado, blogging remotely for the FFL. In April she’ll travel to Peru for several months to get more hands on with the project.


To be honest, bike tour was an intense experience, and we needed a few months to recuperate from the madness. We’ve (mostly) recovered, and we’re ready to tackle Self-Made in earnest. Check out these articles we wrote for MAKE: 10 Fab Labs You Must Visit if You’re in Europe and The 8 Coolest Projects We Saw While Biking Across Europe. An extended article will appear in print in German next month.

We’re grateful to everyone who’s been involved and supportive of our endeavors. We’re looking forward to sharing the results of our experience this year!

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