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Madulthood is a state of permanent transition. Everything changes so fast; one minute you have a job in the Rockies and no place to live, the next you’ve agreed to move into a cabin in the woods with no cell reception. The trees outside the giant windows stand ankle-deep in a carpet of white. The wood stove pops, releases smoky cedar flavor. Everything looks so peaceful, but it’s a transitional peace, the calm before the storm. It’s crunch time for MadRim Productions.

Madison and her T100 helped move me to Frank’s “ranch” in the woods near Fairplay. Fairplay lies approximately twenty miles south of Breckenridge, over Hoosier Pass, which is violently windy on the southern side and banked with feet of snow on the northern. Fairplay, as it turns out, is the model town for South Park City, made infamous by the TV series as a sleepy nowheresville.

Mad in South Park City.

Mad in South Park City.

Madison's T100 navigates the dirt road, leaving my house.

Mad’s T100 navigates the dirt road, leaving Mir’s house.

Mir face plants at Hoosier Pass. That's so Madulthood.

Mir face plants at Hoosier Pass. That’s so Madulthood.

We love it. One cafe, a couple bars, the local bead store and art gallery. Plus, a mock pioneer historical center, in the style of Colonial Williamsburg. I live north of there, about three miles into Pike National Forest, down dirt roads. My backyard is the setting of future exploits in the grand wintery outdoors.

In fact, Madison and I already tested the backyard’s capacity for adventure. I locked into my ski boots for the first time this season and we hiked up the slight incline into the backcountry. We achieved very little velocity on the skate down, constantly thwarted by felled branches and thickets of roots. I remembered the unpleasant squeeze of ski boots, toes numb and calves smarting after mere minutes. We were cold but sweating, laughing at our struggles and our fragility. I’m going to have to toughen up real fast.


Backcountry in the backyard!

In these still, restful days prior to donning the blue Breckenridge instructor’s uniform, I’ve been crafting emails like… well, like someone who lives in the woods with virtually no interaction with humanity. MadRim Productions has made contact with the European Fab Lab contingency, and the initial response to our bike-tour-documentary-project has been overwhelmingly positive.

There’s a lot of work to do, for the mountain, for the movement. Mad has new contract photography work lined up with Pangea Organics skincare in Boulder. The ski season at Breck is about to begin for me. MadRim has graduated to Level 2.5. Level 2 began when I moved back to Colorado this fall and Madison and I were able to streamline operations. Level 3 will begin when we relocate to Europe early next year.

Riding the gondola to Peak 8 at Breckenridge Ski Resort.

Level 2.5

Madulthood is a constant adventure, whether you’re inside or out. If hell is on fire, Colorado must be heaven.

For real, though.

For real, though.

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