Madison and Miriam in Colorado.

Madison and Miriam in Colorado.

‘Twas March in the Colorado Rockies when Madison Worthy and Miriam Engle met in 2014, a brilliant season of snow, sun, and ski. The following summer, Mad landed a job with Indigo Project, an ed-tech company based in Boulder. She cultivated her skill with video editing and first learned about the maker movement and Fab Labs. Mir, a nomadic writer, was traipsing around South America, from Lima to Rio and back again, when Mad contacted her with the idea that would alter the course of the rest of their year and beyond.

Mad proposed a European bike tour, a journey of three thousand kilometers, from Copenhagen to Barcelona. From April to July, 2015, Mad and Mir biked through six countries, filming Self-Made, the story of creative communities, a documentary about the European Fab Lab phenomenon.

Introducing MadRim Productions! In the fall of 2014 in Colorado, Mad and Mir honed their mission and created Madulthood, a word to describe the joyful insanity of life in the twenty-first century. Our project is an epic personal odyssey, not just the summertime bike tour from Copenhagen to Barcelona–but all of it, all the joyous insanity that punctuates everyday life.

In early 2015 MadRim Productions relocated to Europe to continue researching the maker movement. And on April 20th, we started biking! As we cycled from Fab Lab to Fab Lab, we shared the results of our exploration with you. Check out Das Blog for more information. “Tour de Fab” was a huge success, and we presented some of our findings at Fab11 in Boston in August, 2015.

Madulthood is a grand experiment, a discussion of our present world and the future we want to create for ourselves. Collectively, human beings have the power to build anything. This project is a work in positive progress. We’re here to educate and entertain.