Project Update

2017, that’s a wrap! This year we stayed put, more or less. We met up a few times in Boulder and Breckenridge to sift through our two terabytes of footage. In November, we had a comprehensive storyboard drafted. Mir flew to Salt Lake City, Mad’s new home, where we filmed the narrative against a vast Western backdrop.

With directorial direction from Mad, Mir had written the introduction and most of the narrative about Denmark and Germany. She stalled out in the Netherlands, but once reunited with Mad in SLC and with nothing to do all day while Mad was at her new job with the Forest Service, the words finally flowed freely. Mad returned home in the late afternoon, and we practiced the freshly written pages of narrative, editing as we went.

In our element.

Hot off the press, we delivered our lines, blistering through forty pages in one sunny weekend. A couple members of the Tongan women’s national rugby team interrupted our shoot. They were hysterical, in all the ways, and we had to make them leave eventually.  

Never stop madulting.

Mad will spend the next months editing the footage from 2015, splicing in the narrative from today, in which we contextualize some of our personal experiences from then and explain how and where the Fab Labs we visited are now. 

As Mad puts Tour de Fab together, Mir will share a bunch of fun stuff on our social media accounts, so for stories about urbanism, 3D printing, and solar powered bicycles, head over to Madulthood on Facebook. On Instagram, we’ve been sharing memories from our 2015 adventure with Europe’s Fab Labs. We also have Twitter and Google+ profiles. We’ll start posting again in the new year!

Tschau for now friends!